About SmartFix

Over 20 years on St-Barth, with extensive experience in customer service as well as previously owning and operating a sound system rental company. Now by combining these technical skills with the mission to provide an excellent client experience, SmartFix is proud to be St-Barth’s specialist in smartphone and tablet repairs.

SmartFix réparations smartphones et tablettes, sur l'île de St-Barthélemy

Most frequently requested repairs:

  • screen replacement
  • charging port repairs
  • replacement of vibrating mechanism
  • buttons
  • cameras

Top service for repairing phones, a big change what we’re used to having available the island.Adrien, St-Barth Resident

Adrien, St-Barth Resident

Rates: iPhone Screen Replacement

The following rates are for screen changes for iPhone only. Please contact us for all other models, phone makers, and repairs.

iPhone 12 PRO Max (Premium Screen)380€
iPhone 12 PRO Max (Generic Screen)270€
iPhone 12 / 12 PRO (Premium Screen)300€
iPhone 12 / 12 PRO (Generic Screen)240€
iPhone 12 Mini (Premium Screen)330€
iPhone 12 Mini (Generic Screen)250€
iPhone 11 PRO Max270€
iPhone 11 PRO220€
iPhone 11150€
iPhone XS Max230€
iPhone XS160€
iPhone XR150€
iPhone X160€
iPhone 8 Plus125€
iPhone 8 / SE 2020100€
iPhone 7 Plus95€
iPhone 790€


Contact us to request a repair quote or diagnostic consultation. Please let us know the brand and model of your device, the issues you are experiencing, and any previous damage and/or repairs.

Olivier Melchiori

Owner / Operator


Tel: +590690764440